Lessons learned on basketball trips

It is game day! We will be traveling for an out of town middle school basketball grudge match this afternoon. The 15 sixth graders on Jonathan’s team will be facing another school in order to demonstrate the basketball dominance of Texoma Christian School. I hope this goes well…

 I had a love for basketball back in the day, you know, when I could get up out a chair quickly. I have still not been approached by someone and asked if I played basketball in High School. Tall athletic people get asked this question, but not short, tubby, slow people. I can think of a ton of things to apply to life that I learned in basketball. Here are a few off the top of my head:

 Lesson: Never fall asleep on the team bus…just don’t do it, if you have to stay up for three days, stay up

Application: Be vigilant in your Christian walk, to walk circumspectly is the challenge of Paul in Ephesians. Pay attention and be alert.

 Lesson: Always practice and play to the best of your ability

Application: Whatever you are doing, it is worth your best. The way you live your life behind the scenes and the life live in public are connected by the heart of the person.

 Lesson: Sometimes coaches can be hard to deal with

Application: Learn to serve under any circumstance. If you are dealing with difficult people, realize that you are also very difficult at times.

 Lesson: You don’t always win

Application: Work harder and do your very best, but remember, the results are not always up to you.


There is much to learn out of life circumstances and situations. Wise is the person who learns from their surroundings and improves because of it. Wise is the person that who is changed and shaped into the image of Christ. Wise is the person who is transformed by the renewing of his or her mind.