Science Fair


I have always loved Science Fair week. Today was the day for Jonathan and his buddy Isaac to take their ‘ice melting’ project to school to go head to head with various studies of great significance. I saw a project in which hamburger patties were allowed to rot, with the McDonald’s patty looking really similar to the original pictures. I saw a hand gun experiment in which a 6th grader was learning the potential damage that can be done with weapons. I watch young ladies bring in project after project related to testing beauty products. My favorite could have been a brother/sister team that did a study of the heart rate during video game play. He played video games, she took his heart rate. SCIENCE!!!


After leaving the science fair world as a participant over 20 years ago, and beginning that journey as a 6th grade student at Westlawn Middle School, I had lots of fun doing projects. Though the years have passed, the projects look the same. Three panel backboards, hypothesis statements, journals, neatly place articles in the foreground, everything was there…well almost everything. There were in depth projects on structural engineering, and there were projects determining the strongest brand of paper towel, but what I did not see still amazes me.


There was no Baking Soda Volcano.


 Either the science fair world has moved past the baking soda volcano or the teacher would not allow anyone to choose that topic. I’m going with the later.


A Science Fair without a baking soda volcano is like getting a bowl of soup without having any soup in your bowl. It is like going bear hunting without taking a weapon. It is like having church services without lost people around.


Shouldn’t we be so involved in the world around us that we invite lost people to come to church? I think it should be a emphasis we make, after all, God is being patient in His return so that none should perish. A Science Fair without a Baking Soda Volcano is like having a church service without lost people…something is missing.