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Month: June 2013

For All the Stray Dogs

For all the stray dogs

We had a Dachshund come into our yard a few years ago. It was a stray that my son and I tried to help, but there was a problem. The dog was mean as a hornet, so we left some food out for it and it went on its way. For many a months…without missing a night…my son prayed for “all the stray dogs in the world.” I think that shows his kind heart and gentle spirit, you know, a chip off the old block, but I did not realize how God was going to answer the prayers of this boy.

 One night I arrived home to a very large and very energetic Redbone Coon Dog. These are beautiful dogs with a voice that will carry for miles. The only trouble with having a dog like this in our yard is that the neighbor’s houses are all “feet” away, and a loud coon dog treeing the cats in the back yard makes a lot of noise. I notice the dog had a collar, but it had no contact info. I let it in the yard and it begins to play with my dog, Rocky, but I’m not sure coon dogs know how to play. She wanted to tree Rocky, but he was too fast and aggravating for her. I let the dog out of the yard and it slept on the front porch all night. I know this to be true because of the whining and crying from the dog (loud enough to hear from inside the house) broken up by occasional loud barking (that could have been heard from inside the next neighborhood).

The next morning the dog was gone. I think the neighbor is going to find a home for it. I really didn’t need the responsibility of finding the owner of this very expensive dog, but somebody was going to miss her. So now I am reminded to pray for all the stray dogs in the world and then be willing to be a gracious host when one arrives in your yard.


If you are going to pray for something, you should also be willing to be the tool God uses to accomplish the task.


Lesson Learned. Now I have to call the fire department to come get the cat out of the Pecan tree in the back yard.

The Princess and the Paper

The Princess and the Paper


A long time ago,

in a far away land,

lived a beautiful princess named Abigail.


The beautiful princess was admired by all for her beauty. She had long blond hair, a stunning smile, fair complexion and a not-so-quiet confidence that suited her well. Abigail did not mind the life of a princess, in fact she felt it was not burdensome at all. All of the subjects in her kingdom would attest to her royalty.


Her parents can remember the first few steps down the road to princess-hood. It would begin with her dear sweet parents having to tip-toe down the hall outside her room in the castle for fear of waking the little angel from her beauty rest. Then it moved to the precious one refusing to sleep anywhere other than on her father’s chest. She then developed the ability to eat at her own pace, regardless of the discomfort to her family. Yes, it is certain, Princess Abigail was born to carry such a yoke of responsibility. Some traits are learned, some are earned, but her royal traits have been obvious from the beginning.


In more recent years the Princess developed a unique ability to smell things that no one else could smell. It was like the her ability to smell was a super-hero trait, yet we know the explanation is much simpler. A Princess develops the ability to find herself uncomfortable when no one else understands. A Princess expects things to be a certain way and reserves the right to change her mind at any point. A Princess can decide she is unhappy, and not need a reason for the decision.


The super sensitive smeller was noticed throughout the kingdom. One smell in particular was the bane of the young princess’ existence. This awful smell would penetrate and permeate the entire castle, but only to be noticed by the Princess. The source of this awful smell: Newspaper! As soon as the paper enters the house the Princess is uncomfortable. Whatever room the paper is in, she avoids. If it is on the bed, she will lay on the floor. If it is on the table, she will eat somewhere else. The putrid smell is so horrid that it causes the little princess to gag and nearly lose her lunch, and that would be horrible for any princess. Sometimes the mean ol’ parents of the little one will sneak up behind her and leave the paper, just to see what happens. When Her Majesty discovers the ruse, someone is destined to pay for their insubordination.


It is difficult being the royalty amongst peasants. It is truly difficult to have to deal with such unlearned folk that can sit at the breakfast table and eat, while drinking coffee, AND READING THE PAPER. Oh the lot this little princess has been dealt in life, but through her inner strength and beauty, she will find a way to carry on.

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