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The Authenticity of Disciple Making

Month: August 2013

What I Believe About Ministry

What I believe about Ministry

My ministry has changed and developed over the years. I have a few gray hairs and a little more grace, and I sometimes think those things should go together. As I gain in my understanding and grow in my faith in Christ, I tend to be a person with more grace than in years past. I like the person I am becoming, but I have such a long way to go.

There are things that mark my ministry and my concept of pastoral leadership. I see the depth of scripture challenging me to “rightly divide the word of truth,” and “equip the saints for the work of ministry.” In these challenging verses are wrapped up a long tradition of pastoral integrity and leadership. I am called to proclaim the truth of God’s word, and make disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In doing this job, I am convicted that the pastor is to be marked by certain things that are true for every ministry, but not out of obligation. Love of the Lord, the church, and the call of God should compel the pastor and/or ministry leader to be marked by the watermark that goes with ministry.

A minister does not have to be talked into the tithe, outreach, prayer, or personal Bible Study. A minister should be the best church member on campus as an example to what the spirit filled life looks like as it manifests itself outwardly. A minister will look for opportunities to do the work of ministry, and feel the joy and satisfaction of service without notice. A minister does not need the pat on the back, but it certainly encourages us to continue what we are doing. A minister will experience divine illumination and creativity that goes obviously beyond the natural ability they possess. A minister is called to do the most important work on planet earth, and should prepare, through education and personal study, for the task.

Sometimes I am reminded that God picks the least qualified and equips them for the work of the ministry. Other times I am surprised at how some ministers forget that it’s not really their ability that God needs to do the work. I am so blessed to be called to this task, but I still don’t match up to the call.

Not Yellers of True Statements

Not Yellers of TRUE statements


The message of the church should be the message of Christ in our world. We are considered Ambassadors of Christ, and we should live up to this high calling. The call to be salt and light (Matthew 5), and the responsibility to represent Christ and the message of Christ (2 Cor. 5), is the highest of all callings. Let us not lose our voice by yelling our position.

 So, what then do we do with the irrational folks in this world that choose to not engage in conversation and would rather yell their position as if their yelling will magically transform your cognitive process into agreement with them. That is not how it works, folks. WE LOVE THEM AS CHRIST DID, AND WIN THEM AS CHRIST DID.

We must be reminded sometimes: To win a person to Christ is a supernatural working of the Holy Spirit. We are to bring the good news, demonstrate the good news, and remember we were changed by the good news. The call is clear to bring the good news, and we must do so without compromise or apology. The call is clear to demonstrate the Spirit filled life to all who will see. The Christian should demonstrate joy, but sadly many times we fail in this. The Call is to also remember how we were changed.

I had people explain to me the gospel. I had people to engage a small child in the art of conversation. I had a great privilege, and I was changed. The world needs people to engage them in conversations regarding the thing that matters most in life. Christians should remember what it was that won them to Christ and do likewise. Let us be ministers of the gospel, and not yellers of true statements. We shall never be surprised by the depravity in the world, or even in our own hearts, but we shall always turn to Christ. If we expect the world to act like the world, the shocked looks on our faces are easier to hide.

 We should stand for the biblical view of marriage, but not be surprised when the world attacks it.

 We should stand for the biblical view of sexuality, but not be surprised when the world perverts it.

 We should stand for the biblical view of life, and not be surprised when the world tries to destroy it.

 The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Christ came to bring life. That is a message that doesn’t need to be yelled, but rather that message needs to be lived.

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