What do we do now?

                  Its November and things are moving swiftly. I am the most blessed and highly favored Pastor to have ever had the privilege of serving the church.           My family and I would like to thank you for serving alongside us for the past 5 years. We are amazed at all that God has done in our church and in the lives of people. We have seen many come to Christ and many others serve selflessly for the cause of Christ. I look forward to each and every day of service, because we get the opportunity to see God do the miraculous in the lives of people. After almost 20 years in the ministry, I find myself at a place of trust and expectation. I have seen enough good and bad in the last 20 years to know that God can and will work in the lives of people no matter the situation, but in the last 5 years I have learned to trust Christ more than I ever dreamed. I find myself at that place of peace. I’m at peace knowing that God is doing what he does, and we will not steal His glory.

If I have earned the right, let me challenge you. I challenge you to get involved in the kingdom work that is going on at North Park Baptist Church. Every area of ministry is growing, especially the nursery, and there is a place to serve, as well as a place to grow. Each person can both serve in the church, and be served and challenged in discipleship. There is a place for you to prosper in your faith. I challenge you to get involved and jump in with both feet. What do you have to lose? There is a sweet fellowship and prayer time centered around the word of God every Wednesday night. We also have a wonderful Sunday night service that gives a little different flavor to preaching and worship. Women’s Bible Study and outreach ministries are active each week. Our shut-ins are getting visits and our young folks are offered activities. This is a great church to be a part of.

We enter the Thanksgiving season with the expectation of our new building opening soon. We thank God for more space to grow and make disciples. We look forward to Sunday School classes filling that space and continuing the sweet fellowship and friendship found only in small group ministry.  Our challenge throughout this next season in our church is to sow in discipleship, and reap disciples. Our challenge is to invest in the fellowship, and the return will be blessing. Our challenge is to focus on serving others, and in turn finding your own spirit renewed. Our challenge is to LEARN, LIVE, and LEAD the truth we have held dear for so many years.