25 days in, and 2017 has been full of drama.

Nationally, there are very public protests against our country and our President.

Nationally, there are people claiming to be afraid their rights will be taken away…you know…rights like the ability to murder the unborn.

Regionally, the newspaper celebrated a group of teachers from Austin College going to the protest…like they were heroes.

Locally, like in our church local, We have had people in the hospital every day since Christmas. Sometimes multiple folks in ICU. Several back surgeries, cancer, various other maladies.

My heart is heavy. The climate in our country is oppressive to thinking people on both sides of the argument. I am going to pray for our president and all of our leaders, even though I may not agree with every decision. My children deserve this much, but they deserve this from a free society as well as my home.

My heart is heavy. Our church family is hurting. There are genuine struggles in people I love and serve with.

The only answer is the same answer, PRAY. So that’s what I’m gonna do.