The Christian life is the greatest adventure of all time. I hope to convey that through the publishing of Blog posts, sermons, writings, ministries, and any other possible way.

The JOY of following Christ compels us to continue serving the LORD. The challenge of Christ is to serve Him by doing that which he created us to do. Christ called us out of out depravity, gave us His Spirit, and supernaturally transformed us to serve as His ambassadors to a lost world. The supernatural transformational from self-serving to Christ-following is one of the most beautiful of life’s blessings.

We first LEARN of Him, then we begin to LIVE for Him, and then we just as naturally desire to LEAD others down the same path of blessing.

This truth has shaped my ministry and my desire to become that which I have already been made. I have been transformed by Christ, and I am being shaped into His image. I get the opportunity to do that which Christ called me to! That calling and expectation is the same for all believers: LEARN, LIVE, LEAD.